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I've given the front page/info page a small facelift. New images have been added, and from now on the community requires a short introductory post from all new members. You should all go take a look!

But here is the important part:


On the community's 1 year anniversary - January 11th - I'm removing everyone who isn't an active member. My definition of "active" is pretty wide, so the only ones who risk being thrown out are the ones who haven't left a single comment in the past 12 months, as well as obvious leeches who show no intent of ever contributing. If you feel that this applies to you, you can avoid this initial clean-out by commenting on this post. Though if you still haven't made any sort of contribution within the next month or so after that, you're out the door.

Just remember: I don't expect everyone to constantly be uploading albums. Commenting is just as important as uploading, so it's perfectly fine if you don't have the means to upload more than once or twice a year - just show us that you're alive every once in a while by commenting on the posts being made. But uploads are what makes this community grow and thrive.

So - you have 9 days from now on to comment here. I'll post reminders throughout the next week (linking to this post), so don't worry if you can't comment right now. And if you get removed by accident or because you somehow missed this post, you're obviously more than welcome to re-join again.

Now, you're probably aware that this isn't exactly a dead-serious community with strict rules and so on - and it's certainly not about "collecting" as many members as possible. I'd rather have a small and laid-back community of like-minded people (musically speaking anyway), people who are here to find and enjoy cool & soulful metal with attitude, and people who wish to help spread THE BEST KIND OF METAL™ possible to others.

As such, I think it's better if we get rid of some dead weight - possibly as much as 100 of you, actually. Having 50-100 relatively active and dedicated "tape traders" (who feel some sort of belonging to the community) is way better that having 200-300 faceless leeches, and hopefully it'll mean that even more awesome music will be posted. It may take some time to build up the kind of strong member base I'm talking about, but that's OK. Also, I think dedicated members - people with a genuine appreciation for old school metal and rock - are more likely to spread the magic on to others, so in the long run everybody wins. And that's basically my reason for doing this members-cut. That, and my God complex ;P

Those of you who have uploaded anything at all (OR made more than a handful comments in the last year) don't really need to comment here - you know who you are, and so do I. And thank you very much, btw!

In the meantime: Post albums, give recommendations, comment, request stuff, argue, supply additional information to posts, say "thank you", make fun of my hair, whatever. Just have fun, and stay clear of all cheap plastic metal!

your loving moderator.
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