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...waking the dead...

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Heavy - Thrash - NWOBHM - Speed - Doom - Black - Death - Power - Crust - Grind

An mp3 sharing community dedicated to

This is a friendly community for Ye Olde Metal and bands that haven't forgotten their roots.

Our goal is to spread knowledge and awareness of all the great metal bands who helped pave the way for and inspire the metal scene of today.
This means that our focus is mainly directed towards the 1980's (a.k.a. The Golden Age Of Metal, or "the decade that Duran Duran invented")
as well as even older bands (and all the great contemporary bands!) who keep that same spirit and sound alive.

So, strap on your bullet belts and leather (or zebra spandex) pants, and come on in! You'll quickly get the gist of what we're all about.


Guidelines for posting:


New members are required to make a short introductory post within the first few weeks of joining. In it, you should tell us a little about yourself, mention some of your favorite bands and genres, and also what you expect from this community. There is no pressure to upload anything, but please show that you're alive every once in a while! Members who are found to not make any contributions of any kind whatsoever will be removed.

  1. Only full albums in MP3 format are allowed.

  2. The preferred encoding is anywhere between 192 and 320 kbps.

  3. Compress albums in .ZIP or .RAR format.

  4. A good site for file hosting is Mediafire. Other recommended sites are Rapidshare, Megaupload, Divshare or SendSpace.

  5. Put your posts behind a friends-lock.

  6. Tag your entries with the name of the band(s) you're posting - nothing else.

    Use the "!requests" tag when you're requesting something from a band, not their name tag.

  7. Please give a little description of the band/album(s) you upload. After all, this is also a community for learning.

  8. No industrial metal, gothic metal, brutal/technical death metal, -core bands or nu metal!

  9. Sharing demos and obscure shit from the 1980's is however strongly encouraged.

  10. Contribute, request, comment, behave and enjoy!

Also check out metal_mp3 (general metal) and valhalla_mp3 (viking/folk/pagan metal)

The files posted here are solely for the purpose of previewing/reviewing
and should not be seen as a substitute for the original, legal, RIAA approved, product released by record companies.
All files downloaded from this community should be deleted within a 24 hour period.
If you like an album, support the artist and buy it!
1986, aaaaaargh!, abattoir, abomination, agent steel, amebix, angel witch, annihilator, attacker, axegrinder, bathory, beer, black metal, black sabbath, blessed death, blitzkrieg, booze, brocas helm, bullet belts, burzum, candlemass, carcass, celtic frost, cirith ungol, cloven hoof, coroner, crimson glory, dark angel, darkthrone, death metal, death ss, demon, denim, destruction, diamond head, dio, doom metal, doro, elixir, entombed, epic metal, exciter, exodus, extreme metal, fates warning, fistful of metal, flotsam and jetsam, forbidden, fuck off, gallhammer, ghost, gloves of metal, goatlord, gorgoroth, grave, grim reaper, grindcore, grotesque, headbanging, heavy metal, heavy metal parking lot, hellhammer, helloween, helstar, hirax, holocausto, immolation, iron maiden, jaguar, judas priest, king diamond, kreator, leather, liege lord, loudness, manilla road, manowar, massacre, master, megadeth, mercyful fate, metal, metal church, metal up your ass, morbid angel, morbid saint, motörhead, mp3, nasty savage, nattefrost, necrodeath, nuclear assault, nwobhm, obituary, old school, omen, onslaught, order from chaos, overkill, pagan altar, pentagram, possessed, power metal, progressive metal, protector, raven, razor, repulsion, root, running wild, s.o.d., sabbat, sacrifice, sadus, saint vitus, sarcofago, satan, savatage, saxon, sentinel beast, sex with satan, skyclad, slaughter, slayer, sodom, speed metal, spikes, steel, tank, tankard, tape trading, testament, thrash metal, traditional metal, treblinka, trouble, true norwegian black metal, turbo, tygers of pan tang, tyrant, venom, violent force, voivod, von, w.a.s.p., warfare, whiplash, witchfinder general, wolf, znöwhite